Helping Progressive Nonprofits Make Change

Elias Law Group attorneys counsel leading nonprofits fighting for progressive causes. Our attorneys routinely advise nonprofits from their inception, partner with them through their start-up phase, and continue to work with them as they reach maturity. While our attorneys advise nonprofit clients on all aspects of their work, our primary focus is on guiding nonprofit organizations that wish to influence politics or policy, including through nonpartisan voting efforts or through advocacy campaigns. We specialize in helping to establish and operate complex affiliated organization structures to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

We pride ourselves in knowing our clients’ goals – and understanding their challenges – so that we can provide thoughtful partnership and sound legal counsel. We pair that approach to client service with deep expertise in the areas of nonprofit tax, federal and state lobbying (including grassroots lobbying), campaign finance, and other aspects of political law.

We are prepared to serve as your organization’s outside counsel and a key member of your strategic team, whether the organization is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) looking to engage in public education and advocacy on behalf of a progressive cause, or a 501(c)(4) interested in more direct political engagement.

Here are just a few of the services ELG attorneys can provide for your nonprofit:

  • Advise on nonprofit tax issues and file for IRS exemption
  • Design effective lobbying programs
  • Navigate federal and state campaign finance regulations
  • Help launch legally compliant voter registration get-out-the-vote programs nationwide
  • Create a cost-sharing agreement to facilitate a partnership between related organizations
  • Provide guidance on how your organization may interact with other nonprofits, political organizations, and other advocacy groups
  • Review all public communications for legal compliance
  • Assist with corporate governance practices, inquiries, and protocols
  • Draft and review contracts, grant agreements, and other legal documents
  • Defend against IRS audits and against federal and state campaign finance and lobbying investigations