Elias Law Group is home to the nation’s largest litigation practice dedicated to defending democracy and advocating for progressive causes. Our litigation focuses on voting rights, representing Democratic candidates, and working on behalf of progressive organizations to help them pursue and effectuate their missions.

Our litigators are among the most experienced in the country in the issues of voting rights, redistricting, and constitutional law. They have fought and won battles all over the country, in state and federal court. Elias Law Group’s litigators also led and executed an effective 50-state strategy to advocate for fair congressional and state legislative maps during the decennial redistricting process that followed the release of the 2020 census. As Republican elected officials around the country turn to increasingly anti-democratic tactics, this work has never been more important. 

Our team also has extensive experience representing Democratic candidates, campaigns, and allied organizations in litigation related to recounts, campaign finance, and election procedures. Elias Law Group lawyers have litigated, from briefing to argument, several U.S. Supreme Court cases involving redistricting and voting rights.

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