Political Law

Elias Law Group’s Political Law practice is the leading firm for Democratic campaigns and committees, elected officials, progressive nonprofits, and other major organizations aligned with the firm’s mission. Our attorneys have collectively represented hundreds of Democratic campaigns, elected officials, organizations, and PACs—including every national Democratic Party organization, House and Senate leadership, governors, senators, and members of Congress, and over a dozen presidential campaigns.


Elias Law Group is home to the nation’s top experts on federal, state, and local campaign finance laws. We help our clients engage in a wide range of elections or issue areas around the country. The Political Law practice also works with hundreds of nonprofits and other progressive organizations, supporting them through the formation process and advising on nonprofit tax, operations, and lobbying disclosure requirements. We routinely advise elected officials, candidates, and staff on compliance with government ethics and financial disclosure laws, and our attorneys have a proven track record of helping clients navigate ethics investigations.


The Political Law practice has been a valuable strategic partner for campaigns, candidates, elected officials, and political organizations at all levels of government. We provide a broad range of services depending on our client’s needs, from reviewing paid media, to providing guidance on relevant election and voting laws, to counseling clients on the ethics and campaign finance regulatory environment, to preparing personal financial disclosure reports and other vetting materials, to assisting with contracts, employment issues, and other administrative matters. Our attorneys have a long and successful track record in recount efforts.


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