Elias Law Group is a mission-driven firm committed to helping Democrats win, citizens vote, and progressives make change.


Founded by Marc Elias in 2021, Elias Law Group is the nation’s largest law firm focused on representing the Democratic Party, Democratic campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and individuals committed to securing a progressive future.

As voting rights and democratic institutions have come under attack, Elias Law Group has become the nation’s go-to law firm to fight back against voter suppression and election subversion. By protecting voting rights in state and federal court, our attorneys have helped millions of Americans register to vote, cast their ballot, and have that ballot counted.

Elias Law Group attorneys have collectively represented hundreds of Democratic campaigns, organizations, and PACs—including every national Democratic Party organization, House and Senate leadership, governors, senators, and members of Congress, and over a dozen presidential campaigns.

The firm focuses on political law and cutting-edge, pro-democracy litigation. Elias Law Group has earned national recognition for its aggressive litigation to protect voting rights and advocate for fair maps during the redistricting process. Its attorneys also provide tax and regulatory counsel to leading nonprofits that promote progressive change.

Driven by a firm-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion, more than half of all attorneys and partners at Elias Law Group are women, and more than one third of all attorneys are black, indigenous, and people of color. 

Elias Law Group is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an office in Seattle, WA.

Elias Law Group “[boasts] a deep bench of experienced practitioners able to advise on complex election law matters. The firm offers particular prowess in voting rights and redistricting litigation and is well placed to assist Democratic campaigns and institutions, as well as nonprofit organizations.” - Chambers USA