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Marcos Mocine-McQueen

Associate Practice Areas: Litigation Phone: 1-202-968-4492 Email:

Marcos Mocine-McQueen is an associate in the Litigation practice group. He and his teammates argue in courts across the country to protect clients’ rights to free and fair elections. 

Prior to Elias Law Group, Marcos worked at Perkins Coie LLP. Before his legal career, he spent almost fifteen years as a union firefighter/paramedic during which time he also advanced candidates and legislation to help Colorado’s working families. He directed the Obama campaign’s organized labor efforts in Colorado in 2008 and helped pass bills related to collective bargaining and protecting funding for schools, fire departments, and other essential community resources. Prior to firefighting Marcos worked as a reporter at the Denver Post and a reporting fellow at the New York Times.  

Marcos is a graduate of San Francisco State University and the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. While in law school, he edited the California Law Review, represented clients on death row, and helped draft and pass a law which ended all administrative fees in Colorado’s juvenile justice system, including retroactively wiping out $50 million in fees that had burdened Colorado families. He is based out of ELG’s Washington, D.C. office.