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Lisa Baetzhold

Financial Disclosure Compliance Manager Phone: 1-202-968-4595 Email:

Lisa Baetzhold manages Elias Law Group’s personal financial disclosure compliance program for individuals engaging in political activity, including candidates, officeholders and government officials. She guides clients on issues related to federal and nonfederal personal financial disclosure compliance, and offers a comprehensive, organized and detailed approach to ensuring clients’ disclosures are filed accurately, on time and in compliance with various jurisdictional requirements.   

Experienced in the numerous and differing reporting Ethics in Government Act requirements for candidates and officeholders, Lisa uses her background as an accountant to develop key procedures and processes that are customized to clients’ needs and support timely annual and periodic disclosure reports. Lisa consults on financial disclosures, prepares and reviews monthly periodic transaction reports and prepares annual and candidate disclosures. 

Having previously worked on financial disclosures while employed by Senator Mark Warner’s family wealth management office, Lisa brings her extensive experience to this position. In addition, she provided human resource services, financial and administrative support for several other small entities, families and a hedge fund.