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New Hampshire Supreme Court Adopts Fair Congressional Map

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an order released today, the New Hampshire Supreme Court unanimously adopted a new congressional map to ensure fair and lawful districts, in a major victory for Granite State voters. The new map was proposed by a court-appointed special master after a months-long stalemate between state Republicans.  

On March 31, Elias Law Group attorneys representing a group of New Hampshire voters filed a lawsuit arguing that the state’s current congressional districts have been “rendered unconstitutionally malapportioned by a decade of population shifts” and calling for the state to adopt a new map using updated population data from the 2020 Census. 

Elias Law Group, on behalf of the voter plaintiffs and in partnership with the National Redistricting Foundation, asked the Court to “assume jurisdiction” so that it may “draw and adopt a constitutional congressional districting map.” The Court appointed special master Nathaniel Persily to develop a new plan, which the Elias Law Group team expressly endorsed. Today the Court accepted that proposal, ensuring that New Hampshire voters will cast ballots under a fair and lawful congressional map in the 2022 elections.  

The court order comes after multiple attempts by New Hampshire’s Republican-controlled legislature to pass gerrymandered maps.  

The new map goes into effect immediately, as New Hampshire’s candidate filing period is slated to begin on Wednesday, June 1.  

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Read the decision here.