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Following Lawsuit Filed by Elias Law Group, Over 70,000 Georgians Vote on Saturday, Nov. 26

On Saturday, November 26, over 70,000 Georgians took advantage of early voting opportunities ahead of tomorrow’s runoff election between U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Republican challenger Herschel Walker for the U.S. Senate.

More than 25 counties across Georgia held early voting the Saturday after Thanksgiving after Elias Law Group attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of Senator Warnock’s campaign, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), and the Democratic Party of Georgia, arguing that Georgia election law permitted counties to hold early voting on November 26.

In a trial court hearing on November 18, Elias Law Group Partner Uzoma Nkwonta argued that the Georgia Secretary of State’s office misinterpreted Georgia election law when it issued guidance prohibiting counties from holding early voting on November 26. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cox agreed with Democrats’ interpretation of the law, ruling that Georgia counties were permitted, though not required, to hold early voting on November 26. The State of Georgia and a group of Republican intervenors unsuccessfully appealed the decision. After the appellate court declined to pause Judge Cox’s ruling, the Republican intervenors asked the Georgia Supreme Court to step in. That appeal was quickly and unanimously rejected.

“Georgia law clearly allowed counties to offer early voting on Saturday, November 26, and we were thrilled that the lawsuit we filed on behalf of Senator Warnock’s campaign, the DSCC, and the Georgia Democratic Party helped reaffirm the correct interpretation of the law,” said Uzoma Nkwonta, Elias Law Group Partner. “We were even more excited to see tens of thousands of Georgians show up on a Saturday to make their voice heard in this crucial runoff election.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Senator Warnock, the DSCC, and the Georgia Democratic Party, over 70,000 Georgians across 27 counties all over the state turned out to cast their ballots on the Saturday after Thanksgiving,” said Jacquelyn Lopez, Elias Law Group Partner. “We are so proud to represent these amazing clients who are willing to step up and protect voting rights and strengthen democracy in Georgia.”

Elias Law Group attorneys Uzoma Nkwonta, Chris Dodge, Dan Osher, Graham White, and Marcos Mocine-McQueen contributed to this case.