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Elias Law Group Begins Operations

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Fifty of the nation's leading political law and voting rights attorneys are starting a new law firm today dedicated to representing Democrats, voting rights advocates, mission-driven organizations, 501(c)(3)s, and other nonprofits.

More than 500 clients have already signed up to be represented by the new firm, including major national Democratic Party organizations, federal and state campaigns, prominent voting rights groups, and a diverse array of leading nonprofits.

Elias Law Group is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an office in Seattle, Washington. The firm focuses on political law and cutting-edge, pro-democracy litigation. “At this time in our nation’s history, we must do everything we can to protect the right to vote and have that vote counted. Elias Law Group is uniquely positioned to provide the legal services necessary to meet the moment our democracy faces,” Marc Elias said.

Elias Law Group is the nation’s largest law firm focused on representing the Democratic Party, Democratic campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and individuals committed to advancing and protecting civil rights. The Group’s attorneys have collectively represented hundreds of Democratic campaigns, organizations, and PACs—including every national Democratic Party organization, House and Senate leadership, governors, senators and members of Congress, as well as 10 presidential campaigns. Its attorneys also provide tax and regulatory counsel to leading nonprofits that promote progressive change, including dozens of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations. “We are proud to support a coalition of clients who are working to advance a pro-democracy agenda in the states, on Capitol Hill, and in the courts,” said Ezra Reese, chair of the firm’s Political Law practice.

The firm kicks off with more than 25 voting rights and redistricting cases already in court. “We are prepared to fight voter suppression and gerrymandering in courtrooms around the country. Our team has a track record of success and expects to be busier than ever protecting the right to vote and safeguarding free and fair elections,” said Lis Frost, chair of Elias Law Group’s Litigation practice.

A core tenet of the firm is diversity and inclusion. Of the 50 initial lawyers, half are women and a third are BIPOC. Partner Aria Branch emphasized, “From the start, we reflect the diversity of the Democratic Party and progressive communities. We have the best, brightest, and most diverse bench of political law talent in the country.”

While the new firm will begin with 50 lawyers, it expects to reach 60 by the end of September and more than 75 by the end of the year. “Elias Law Group will aggressively recruit excellent attorneys and staff committed to the firm’s mission,” Managing Partner Hannah Eaves said.

The 15 partners of the new firm are a who’s who of the political law and voting rights legal community: Jon Berkon, Aria Branch, Hannah Eaves, Marc Elias, Lis Frost, Tyler Hagenbuch, Rachel Jacobs, Kate Sawyer Keane, Abha Khanna, Katherine LaBeau, Jackie Lopez, Uzoma Nkwonta, Ezra Reese, Ben Stafford, and Graham Wilson.

Elias Law Group is a mission-driven firm committed to helping Democrats win, citizens vote, and progressives make change.


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