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Meredith Parnell

Associate Practice Areas: Political Law Phone: 1-202-968-4544 Email:

Meredith Parnell is an associate in the Political Law practice group. She advises political action committees (PACs), candidates, and non-profit organizations on many areas of law including campaign finance, lobbying, disclosure rules, ethics regulations, and pay-to-play issues at the state and federal level. Meredith also has litigation experience.

Prior to law school, Meredith worked as a community organizer on environmental justice issues and as a field director of national voter registration campaigns. Meredith attended Harvard Law School and served as the country’s law student member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Board of Governors. She currently serves on the ABA’s Cornerstones of Democracy Commission which leverages the legal profession to restore confidence in our democratic institutions and the judicial system, and to protect the rule of law.

Meredith works out of ELG’s Washington, D.C. office and lives on Capitol Hill with her wife and two kids.